Cargomando unites an established group of medium-sized carriers who have joined forces Europe-wide to offer top class courier quality and to further develop and enhance their service offerings with innovative new products and systems.
Cargomando GmbH, which has been operating as a German Ltd. since July 2014, isn’t a front for a group of invisible large-scale investors – it has been initiated by eight founding members who bring their well established logistics operations and excellent reputations into the equation. The aim is to put customer needs ahead of immediate quarterly results. That’s how we believe best long-term results are achieved – as the well earned outcome of partnership through cooperation at all levels!

What does „cargomando“ mean ?

cargo“ + „mando“, the Spanish for „to send“

The multi-language name was deliberately chosen to express our clear focus on the trans-European nature of our carrier business. Our goal is to be your courier service partner of choice for all your express deliveries Europe-wide!


The cargomando courier system offers customers and partners all the advantages of a highly efficient and quality-conscious network. Our motto “fast, safe, easy” describes exactly how we work. Our network structure gives us wide-area coverage and short reaction times - we collect your goods fast, we deliver them fast. Anywhere in Europe. Our self-imposed quality standard in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 ensures that our partner companies get your deliveries safely to their destination. Our state-of-the-art software platform gives customers a simple way of tracking all consignments and ensures efficient disposition of your goods by our carriers. Get to know the cargomando courier system for yourself; send us your cargo enquiry today and check out our terms, or send us your application for joining our growing partner network.