Courier service, express service, door-to-door, emergency, special deliveries - we cover the full range of services needed to get your goods from A to B as fast as possible.!

Our system partners share the common goal of providing customers with the best possible support in processing practically all fast transport needs. Dedicated disposition staff trained and experienced in the courier service industry kick off the process when accepting your orders. Their expert knowledge of special requirements in a wide variety of different sectors of industry ensures proper handling of your goods right from the start. All partners work through all processing steps of your order according to the same fixed standards defined in our Systems Manual. GPS tracking of vehicles ensures real-time transport monitoring and traceability.
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Deviations in just-in-time delivery chains or production down-times sometimes need to be solved by making urgent goods deliveries straight from the supplier or production plant. Our network extends all round Europe, meaning that members can offer any kind of procurement logistics across the continent. .
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Alongside standard road haulage contracts deploying a wide variety of vehicle categories, many of our cargomando partners offer a significantly wider range of logistics services, including on-board courier service, air freight, pharmaceuticals transports, hazardous goods transports, temperature critical transports, etc.
We will be glad to meet your individual requirements and work an optimal solution for your company. We look forward to your enquiry!
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