A cargomando member company in Lyon can e.g. collect urgently needed spare parts in Stuttgart for one of its regular customers and assure them that they are getting the same high quality standard they have come to expect. The customer doesn’t need to check out courier services in the Stuttgart region; he just calls his regular supplier who manages the whole process. Examples like this show the real advantages of a fully interlinked transport network compared to open freight exchange arrangements:
  • Each system partner commits to collecting consignments inside a 60-minute response window of receiving the order.
  • Real 24/7 availability - checked regularly by systems HQ.
  • Professional handling means that everyone involved in the process is aware of his or her responsibilities for the entire supply chain.
  • A binding Systems Manual ensures that uniform transport standards are maintained throughout – each partner can be sure that the courier company doing the job is working to the same standards they would be working themselves.
  • You order an urgent door-to-door, that’s exactly what you get: from A to B without detours, no reloading or additional consignments on the way, no unnecessary stops.
  • Transparent handling – most of our fleets are GPS monitored. You receive a tracking ID and can follow the progress of your consignment in real time.
We also handle repeat or regular pick-up jobs for all vehicle categories at attractive special rates. Call us for details!