The demands on logistics service providers are constantly growing. As a network of experienced medium-sized courier companies, all cargomando system partners look on new demands as new opportunities for shared growth with their customers. As well as meeting strict quality standards, cargomando partners must have a minimum company size and capacity reserves to qualify for system partnership. This means that many of our partners have a substantially wider range of logistics services on offer. These include:
  • Air Freight
    Fastest way to get there is sometimes only by aircraft. We’ll see to it that your goods arrive at their destination!
  • On-Board Courier Service
    You need top security? A courier accompanies the goods personally all the way from collection through flight to delivery.
  • Document Dispatch
    Utmost confidentiality, delivery time reliability and security in all document dispatches!
  • Hazardous goods transports and storage
    Specialized equipment and the expert know-how needed to properly handle the transport and storage of hazardous goods.


  • Food and beverages with IFS logistics certification
    Food and beverage logistics with IFS certified quality ensures highest product safety.
  • Temperature-sensitive transports
    Ambient temperature is vital for a variety of non-foods. Many of our partners have vehicles fully equipped with specialized temperature control systems for a variety of temperature-sensitive special needs.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Pharmaceuticals deliveries are often urgent and usually require specific, high quality handling conditions we know how to meet.
  • Warehousing
    Our partners can make available state-of-the-art storage facilities designed and equipped to meet a wide variety of conditions and special needs.
  • Advice for express services and emergencies
    Utilize the combined experience of a huge number of tried-and-tested mid-sized courier services to get the best offer for your transport jobs!
  • Your Individual Requirements
    This page doesn’t cover all our services. Our real USP is that we’ll find a good solution for your transport needs, whatever they might be. Just call us or send an email – we’ll be glad to talk to you!