Verkehrsrundschau - Advantage for customers and partner
The cargomando express network

Whos is who of logistics 2017
Special edition of the specialist magazine Verkehrsrundschau.
Der Markt in Mitteldeutschland 8/16 - Engelmann Express now part of Cargomando
Founded in 1995, the Magdeburg company Engelmann Transporte has established itself over 20 years ago in a highly competitive market.
Verkehrsrundschau - Express & Automotive logistics from one hand
With more than 25 partner companies, the cargomando cooperation challenges in automotive logistics.
KEP-Aktuell - Cooperation for SMEs
Once a nationwide network in Germany stands, Cargomando wants to grow in Europe
DVZ - Cargomando defies market leader
Medium-sized cooperation for Curier and Critical Deliveries starts up with 27 partners

Verkehrsrundschau - Potential for connoisseurs
Desired effects got reached.

Verkehrsrundschau - Cargomando starts
New courier network includes 26 partner companies in Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

IHK Karlsruhe - Cargomando: Courier and Critical Deliveries in Europe
The Transport Betz GmbH established the cooperation cargomando couriersystems with six foundation companies.

Character - Cargomando: Logistics for Europe
An international locistic network including more than 20 partners all around Europe.

Dingolfinger Transport GmbH, foundation company cargomando GmbH
The Dingolfinger Transport GmbH was again the first IFS Logistics V2.1 certified Lower Bavarian company.